We're all mad here...!

Sci-fi, Art, Classic Minis, Land Rover, Ukuleles and our beautiful motherland AFRICA! Just some of the things i love...

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Take the blame off your back, it’s a burden you don’t own.
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Lauryn Hill | ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' | August 25, 1998
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Sophie Standing (b. UK, resides Karen, Kenya) - Black Rhino II   Textile Embroidery Arts
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angel babe
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The Flamenco Dancer - Leopold Schmutzler
20th century
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Whenever I get bummed about being stuck in an office (albeit, doing a job I don’t hate, which I know is a rare and precious gift), I watch the video for Just a Band’s Forever People.

Mbithi follows me on instagram. Think if I ask him, he’ll let me hang out with them in Nairobi for my 30th next year?

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Bubs and Marcy for dear anon
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